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FreeCall is other application for making international calls for free, but it includes an interesting option, because using this program you will not make PC to phone calls, but Phone to phone calls.

Since you install FreeCall you will realize it is really easy and interesting. You will be able to make free calls of up to one minute, but if you pay $10 you will be able to have conversations of unlimited time for 4 months.

Surprise your friend living in other countries and ou will not spend even a buck.

It is really easy-to-use, you only have to make a simple registry, and only type the number where you are going to phone and the one you want to phone to.

The list of countries where you can phone for free is big and its becoming even bigger, here you have some examples:

Argentina, USA, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Panama, Puerto Rico, UK, Spain and more.

Try Free Call, it will not dissapoint you.
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